“We are creatures of many different dimensions
passing through each other’s lives.”  – Loren Eiseley

This website is for you. In order for carnivores to survive and play their role effectively in the ecosystems of Maine, our communities need to be informed and knowledgeable about their ecology and value, and to understand and practice coexistence skills.

Therefore, this website shares with you the activities of our Coyote Center, as well as valuable educational material on Coyote ecology and coexistence skills, and a special link to a website we created for our farmers who feed us. In return for your new found understanding, your life will be enriched and you shall leave a Legacy for future generations!


Coyote Center

The mission of the center is to enhance awareness of the value of carnivore presence on our planet by providing a wide range of creative, educational and research experiences for the people of New England.

Farming With Carnivores

We have created this joint website as a “meeting place” for our farmers. They can come here to learn from leading farmers, share with each other, and discover animal husbandry practices that allow them to live in peace with carnivores.

Who Is Coyote

The Coyote has lived on our continent a very long time, over a million years, and archaeological digs have found the ancient remains of coyote from New Brunswick to California.

Ecology of our Eastern Coyotes

Coyotes have a rich and complex social structure that is always alert to environmental restraints. This allows them to be flexible ~ by living as a lone transient, living on a territory alone, or living in a tight knit family.

Coexisting Skills

Coyote is a unique Keystone Carnivore, very capable of living among us, alongside us, near us. Other Keystone carnivores like wolves, grizzly bears, mountain lions tend to remain far away from human habitation.

Media and More

Many book and films have been produced about the coyote. If you would like to know more about the coyote, we have assembled a resource center of some of the best options to read, watch and learn about this amazing american animal.

About Geri Vistein & The Coyote Center

The focus of my work as a conservation biologist is to be a bridge between the science we know about carnivores, and the community members who live with them. So for over ten years I have traveled all over the state of Maine, sharing with our communities the knowledge we have about our returning carnivores and the skills we can practice in living well with them.

The Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Coexistence

It is a place that exists everywhere we gather together with each other to experience, share dialogue, create, be inspired, and act. This is where it resides. And this is where we discover community and our own empowerment once again.

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